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Shooting club „Smederevo“ will be host in this year for one of the largest shooting competition for youth. International competition for youth shooters (under 20 years) will be held from 26th to 29th November 2015. at Shooting Range in Smederevo. This is the first time for this tournament to be held in Smederevo and Serbia. Many of the young people that will compete in Smederevo, are already champions in their own countries and they are expected to bring the shiniest medals from future European, and World competitions and Olympic Games.

Name of this competition is:


Smederevo, Serbia.

General sponzor of the Competition is one of the most successful company in the world CARL WALTHER GMBH Sportwaffen

First day of the tournament athletes compete in their categories under 16, 18 and 20 years old, individually and in teams. The prizes for the winners are medals and trophy (the first three teams will get a cup). There is no finals. The name of that competition is Grand Prix of Smederevo, as well as a part of the common Walther Youth Cup.

Second day we have two events. Air rifle junior men and junior women rifle and pistol individual  unique category – 20 years. The prizes for the winners are medals, trophy and special prizes from general sponsor. One pistol LP500 and one rifle LG400 for results nearest of World record in qualifications and more Walther product for medal winners.

From the year 2018. it is three days competition.

1st  day – Air rifle and pistol juniors MIX category. Category 20 years.

2nd day – Air rifle junior men and junior women rifle and pistol (teams and individual). Category 16, 18 and 20 years.

3rd day – Air rifle junior men and junior women rifle and pistol INDIVIDUAL. Category 20 years.


Boban Marinkovic, general manager of the competition



Shooting is one of the oldest sports in Serbia, and, as such, in our town. It has admirable 128 years of tradition of shooting and more than 370 national champion title. Smederevo in previous years has also became sports capital. By opening new, modern shooting range 2012, shooting is the sport that makes Smederevo a „sports capital“ during the year. In our shooting hall, the best Serbian shooters, World record makers, Olympic medal winners, World end European champions come, to compete or to prepare themselves for Great competitions. Our club organizes hosting of the largest competitions.

Shooting club „Smederevo“, in May 2013. for the first time in its history, organized first official international competition, which had major significance for youth shooters. Qualifications for Youth league of South-Eastern Europe provided major chance for our technical and organizational skills to be shown in front of young shooters from Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Israel. We justified their trust, and having another chance to organize it in 2014, which is decided six month later, proves that. 

Shooting club „Smederevo“ in October 2014. first time in history was host of European Youth League Final. Final of the European Youth League is one of the most important international shooting competitions which was held in 2014, and where around 80 shooters from 14 countries was competed, that is exactly 16 teams, 8 with Rifle and 8 with Pistol. These were shooters that represent future World and European shooting elite, which is why European Shooting Confederation gives great significance to this competition. In 2014. year final was gather shooters from: Austria, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Croatia, Sweden, Russia, Czech, Switzerland, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden and host Serbia. Both competition were also draw the attention of the media, local, regional but also national importance.

After excellent and high marks from Europian Shooting Confederation as organizers of the European Youth League Final for 2014. we have to founded new competition for youth shooter: Walther Youth Cup, sponsored by CARL WALTHER GMBH Sportwaffen.

In next couple years we expect that this competition became the best and the largest competition in Europe and World for youth shooters, also tournament where take participation more than 30 national teams for next 3-5 years.



Shooting range in Smederevo is 1.260 square meters large. It is designed so there can be held largest competitions in Serbia and Europe. It has two shooting areas. First one is for air arms, for 10 meters and it has 40 shooting places. Other one is made for fire arms, for 25 meters and when it is finished, it will have 10 shooting places. Shooting Area for fire arms is very important, because it can transform into a final shooting hall when necessary. Beside these two shooting halls which are the most important, Shooting hall in Smederevo also has accommodation, dressing rooms for shooters, office for judges, office for technical committee, office for shooting association, weapon warehouse and warehouse for munitions. There is also a space for socializing of the shooters, and all of those who are shooting lovers. Inside the object there are also well decorated bathrooms and toilets. All this together makes an object, a building which is unique in Serbia and region.